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Welcome for unidentified programmer

on December 5, 2011

As a Software Engineer I was satisfied with present programming language I am using.  As a .net Programmer I was much satisfied.  I remember my first lecturer I heard in my middle of bachelor’s degree I used to do RMI programs in my lab.  I was much interested to know “How RMI Programs goanna work ?”.  I completed that task and did practices and learn that they will go by “Delegates” which represents work of a function in .NET Technology.

After 2 Years, I completed my bachelor’s degree I did not guess that I will become a .net programmer.  When I joined in my first work place my team lead told me to learn ASP and Later on ASP.net with C#.  There I learn Programming of C# programs and latest technological practices which are helpful for good programming.  So, now I am starting this blog to share my knowledge with you all.


2 responses to “Welcome for unidentified programmer

  1. Venky says:

    Good to hear from you..
    ALL THE BEST Prabhakar!!
    Go ahead..

  2. dotnethawa says:

    Thank q friend keep in touch for updates

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