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Problem With SSRS MultiValued Parameter

In SSRS 2008, some times multi – valued parameter drop down will fire selection event at “Select All”.  Solution is,  first please check the drop down first how many records it is handling if they are < 970, it is your data set fault. Your drop down is handling greater that 970 records it is a rule give by Microsoft guys to handle only 1000 records by default, as asp.net http requests.  Solution for this is, please add below tag to <appsettings> in your report manager web config file.

<add key=”aspnet:MaxHttpCollectionKeys” value=”[yourno.]” />

you can find report manager in sql server instance installation directory

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Design Patterns – I (Introduction)

Authoring software requires a set of rules and methodologies to take your idea to center point without any rework for future enhancements.  In Software Engineering, we have a set of principles stated by Robert Martin called SOLID principle.   SOLID word has principles as Single Responsibility, Open Close, Liskov’s Substitution, Interface Segregation and Dependency Inversion. Let me explain you about SOLID as one word

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